Merge Excel Files

Merge Excel Files

Merge Excel Files software is designed to merge several more excel sheets into one new sheet or merge excel files into one new workbook with multiple worksheets. Just a couple clicks of the mouse, you can combine several worksheets into one new worksheet or individual worksheets.

It also can import one or more CSV files, Text files, DBF files into a blank MS Excel file, and insert them all into one sheet or individual sheets.

Free TrialFree Trial Download! (Limited to combining up to 5 worksheets.)

Features & Specs

With Merge Excel Files You can merge several types of Excel files with an extension starting with XL (xls, xlsx, xlsm, xlsb). But you can also combine only files with a specific extension of a given folder. Another option allows filtering by file names.

Merge Excel Files is a tool that allows the user to overlap different Excel sheets into a single sheet, as well as join multiple Excel workbooks into a single multi-sheet.

Thus, with Merge Excel Files user can group all Excel files related to the same topic, and simplify much inquiry to be all in one file. Therefore, it is ideal for people who often work with many Excel files.

Key Features of Merge Excel Files Software
+ Easy to use dashboard
+ Merge one or more worksheets into a single document or separate sheets
+ Import .csv files directly into a blank worksheet
+ Import .txt files into a blank worksheet
+ Import DBF files into a blank worksheet
+ Includes a lifetime license, never needs to be renewed
+ Includes all future software updates at no extra charge

Benefits of Using Merge Excel Files Software
+ Use it merge existing Excel worksheets in a single new or multiple sheets in one document
+ Dashboard puts all of functionality of the tool into one easy to use location
+ Compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows
+ Fully compatible with anyone of the versions of MS Excel
+ Free technical support for all registered users

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  • Add Excel File or Folder to the list
  • Select an Excel File or Folder in the list
  • Select the Excel File in the WorkBooks list
  • Select a sheet in the WorkSheets list
  • Click to Merge


Microsoft Excel is one of the most popular and widely recognized productivity software programs on the planet. Then we were introduced to this amazing tool called Merge Excel Files Software and it took our Excel experience to a higher level. The ability to simply merge multiple workbooks together into one and avoid having re-enter data over again is awesome.

Not only can you merge worksheets, you can import .csv, DBF and text files as well. All of the different file types can be merged into one new worksheet or simply shown as separate sheets. This makes Merge Excel Files Software a must have for most any type of business function and it will easily improve productivity.

If you are looking for ways to improve the productivity in your office, you show really look into Merge Excel Files.